Holiday Cavy Photos

Mr.Belvedere (2017) 

Mr. Belvedere's BLOOPER photo! 🙂 (2017)

Rupert the Great (2017)

Freemont (2017) 

Lil Peeps (2017)

Mr. Belvedere (2017) 

Rupert the Great (2017)

Freemont (2017)

Lil Peeps (2017)

Pixi (2017) 

Dixi (2017)

Trixi (2017)

Freemont (2017)

Rupert (2017)

Lil Peeps (2017)

All of our Scamps on St. Paddy's Day! (2017)

Freemont (2017)

Lil Peeps (2017)

Freemont (2016)

Lil Peeps (2016)

Freemont (2016) 

Lil Peeps (2016)

Freemont (2016)

Norton (2016)

Lil Peeps (2016)

Freemont! (2016)

Our Man Norton! (2016)

Rupert the Great! (2016)

Lil Peeps (2016)

Freemont (2016)

Norton (2016)

Rupert (2016)

Lil Peeps (2016)

Happy Holidays 2015 from Our Scamps!  (We adopted Sweet Rupert from the Humane Society after Christmas so he missed the official holiday postcard but he will be featured in 2016!)

Precious Rupert's 1st holiday portrait

Lil Peeps2015 Holiday Message: "Happy Yuletide!"

Oh, fudge, look what Freemont got for Christmas!

Freemont's 2015 Christmas portrait!  

Norton's 2015 Christmas portrait! 

Mr. Belvedere's 1st Christmas portrait! (2015)

Lil Peeps couldn't wait to open his present - Santa brought him exactly what he wanted: SUPER PEEPS!  (2015)

Pee-wee Herman introduces Little Richard to Norton! To celebrate the occasion, Norton "borrowed" Pee-wee's famous bow tie! 

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 from our adorable  Pilgrim, Freemont!

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 from Ed Norton & our little Norton 

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 from our Lil Peeps! (Rescued Eurasian Tree Sparrow)

Happy Halloween from Freemont & All of Our Sweet Scamps!

Sweet Simon & look-a-like saddle shoe! 1950s Rule!

Our Man Norton!

Happy Halloween from Lil Peeps, too!

Lil Peeps (Our rescued Eurasian Tree Sparrow)

Norton's 1st Valentine's Day with us! (2015)

Simon (Valentine's Day 2015)

Freemont (Valentine's Day 2015)

Santa Teddy

Simon (2014)

Freemont (2014)

Norton's 1st Christmas with us! (2014)

Freemont (2014)

Lil Peeps (our rescued Eurasian Tree Sparrow) (2014)

Jeepers (2013)

Alvin & Alvin! (2013)

Simon (2013)

Freemont (2013)

Santa's Smallest (and Cutest) Reindeer!

Marty Mouse ~ Rudolph's Understudy? (2013)

Our Sweet Christmasy Sparrow!

Lil Peeps as Santa Sparrow (2013)

A Mouse's Cozy Home is His Castle!

Marty Mouse's House: 'Twas the night before Christmas ... a creature was stirring!



Brothers Alvin & Simon

(named after the famous, adorable singing chipmunks, of course!)

Jeepers & Mousey

Santa Cavy

Alvin & Pal

Simon & Pengy

FJ & RJ (Rudolph Jr)

Teddy & Look-a-Like Pal

Santa Ralphie

Corky & Friend

Santa Peppy

Sam the Snowman (from the Rankin & Bass "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" TV classic) with our 4 cavies, L to R: Peppy sliding down snow hill; Spanky & Kipper singing; Quincy eyeing his fave veggies!

Alvin & Alvin!

Simon & Simon!

Frosty the Snowman with Stewie (trying to steal his hat!), bro Nigel (holding him up), Skippy (sniffing out a vanilla yogurt drop) and Chumley (enjoying some veggies).

Peppy & Look-a-Like Buddy

Doughboy & Doughcavy

Valentine Jeepers!

Valentine Alvin!

Valentine Simon!

Valentine Freemont!

(3 Precious Fancy Mice Sisters we adopted from the Humane Society!)

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