Wildlife Nighttime Critter Cam

Ever wonder which outside critters are stirring in the middle of the night?

Unexpected visitor! As we pulled the car into the garage late one night, this cute, healthy, young possum calmly strolled in & hid under some screens. He did not try to bite or fight when confronted. We didn't want to hurt him so we gently nudged him back out of the garage with a broom - but he sure didn't want to leave! 


Rocky Raccoon & Pepe LePew!

Very thirsty!

Hungry Raccoon!

Amazing tail!

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This fellow is a frequent noctural visitor!

Cute Bunny!

This raccoon is a nightly visitor!

Yummy water on a hot summer night!

A puppy out in the middle of the night?!?!

Photo #1: Every night, this skunk dug up one of the Halloween signs!

Photo #2: Digging deeper!

Photo #3: Plop! Down falls the sign!

Daytime Cam: Neighbor's cat does a double-take, looking at the Halloween signs!

Smart bluejay notices the camera!

Mmm, good eats!

Alert squirrel says, "Is that a camera?!"

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More Fun Wildlife Daytime/Nighttime Cam Photos To Come!


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