More Outdoor Critters!

Beautiful Hummingbird 2015!

Winter is a great season for critter photo ops!

This adorable squirrel looks very happy in the snow!

Catching snowflakes on his tongue?

Bluejays enjoying a lunch of seeds on a snow-covered bath!

Christmasy-red cardinals!

Hope that fur coat is keeping this little cutie warm!

Hummingbirds are absolutely amazing!

Hummingbirds' wings move faster than the eye can see!

Photo #1: Darling Daddy (Eurasian Tree Sparrow) checks the area for safety.

Photo #2: Now, this conscientious Dad can feed his sweet son.

Photo #3: In-between feedings from Dad, this sweet little sparrow fledgling takes a quick nap.

Very patient robin fledgling, waiting for his parents to return and feed him.

Hungry grackel enjoying some bread!


Woody Woodpecker!

Precious little Chip? or Dale?

Smiling squirrel enjoys a treat!

Beautiful grackel!

St. Francis used to feed the birds every day . . .

Unfortunately, over-zealous, hungry squirrels eventually broke the hollow St. Francis statue by tipping it over too many times. 😥

(Squirrels accidently broke this large, thin, very shallow cement bird bath top by jumping on/off it so often so we now buy sturdier/heavier cement baths closer to the ground.)

Wildlife has a difficult time finding clean water in the hot, dry summer ~ so this is one happy squirrel! 🙂

First, a bath . . .

Then, a relaxing afternoon rest for this cute rabbit!

More Outdoor Critter Photos To Come!

Stay tuned!


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