Meet Norton!

Our GP Norton was lovingly named after famous "Ed Norton" (brilliantly played by Emmy-winner Art Carney) on the classic TV series, "The Honeymooners"! Ed's gorgeous wife was played by talented Joyce Randolph and she autographed this photo to OUR Norton! 🙂

(See below for hilarious "BLOOPER" photo from this session!)

"BLOOPER" photo! After patiently posing for several portraits, Norton decided enough is enough! 🙂


Norton was "Pet of the Day" on November 27, 2015!

Norton's reaction when he found out he was awarded the "Pet of the Day" honor:

Our Man Norton with his buddy, sporting the same style hat! 

Norton's Adoption:

Norton (approx. 2 1/2 yrs. old) was adopted from the Humane Society on Nov. 24, 2014! Norton was immediately at home with us! He loves being pet (even when eating) and loves all his new toys and veggies!

Thanksgiving Morning 2014: Contented, relaxed, happy, smiling Norton!

Inspecting the camera!

Norton's favorite toy!

Norton's 1st Christmas Portrait - Santa left parsley (his fave veggie) in his stocking! (2014)

Norton cuddles up with his Valentine pal! (2015)

Norton's 2015 Halloween Portrait!

Norton's 2016 Valentine Portrait!

Easter Fun with Norton! (2016)

More Photos of Norton To Come! 

Stay Tuned!


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