Meet Mr. Belvedere!

 ❤Precious Mr. Belvedere!❤ 

"The Great One"

(I don't think Jackie Gleason would mind sharing the title with our Precious Angel!)

Our Brilliant Mr. Belvedere doesn't whistle ... he rings his toy bell every time he wants veggies, which is MANY times a day! He is sooooooo smart and has trained us! 😀

We adopted adorable 4-year-old Mr. Belvedere on Dec. 12, 2015 from the Humane Society! This is Mr. Belvedere's 1st lap time with us!

Mr. Belvedere was "Pet of the Day" on

April 26, 2016!

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Mr. Belvedere LOVES his new cage and veggies!

After a big meal, Mr. B needs a nap and can't hold back a BIG YAWN!

Christmas Eve . . . Belvedere has a difficult time sleeping . . . Santa is coming!

Mr. Belvedere has gained almost 4 oz. since we adopted him. Even when he has a very full tummy, we know what he is dreaming about! 😉   

Mr. Belvedere's 1st Christmas Portrait! (2015)

Mr. Belvedere's 1st ❤ Valentine ❤ Portrait! (2016)

"Kissin' Cousins?" (2016)

Mr. Belvedere's 1st Halloween Portrait! (2016)

Mr. Belvedere's #1 fave food:

Golden Delicious Apples!


Mr. Belvedere's favorite movie is "The Bellboy" starring Jerry Lewis! 😀

PROOF! The rumors are true that Mr. Belvedere looks exactly like Sir Paul McCartney (from The Beatles and Wings) when he sings!

To see a photo of Mr. Belvedere singing LIVE with Our Fab Four click HERE!


Stay Tuned!


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