Meet "The Amazing Schubert"!

March is "Adopt a Rescued GP Month" ... We just adopted this adorable adult male from the Humane Society ... Meet ❤ Schubert! 🙂

Schubert in the carrier on the way home from the Humane Society! 

1st weigh-in: Don't worry, with some nutritious food, he will gain weight!

Schubert loves his new home, cage, food, toys! 

Our Precious Schubert was "Pet of the Day" on July 2, 2018! :)

Schubert loves hay!

Schubert is getting used to be photographed!

2nd Weigh-In:

3 days later ... Schubert gained 1 oz.! 

Begging for veggies!

We are supplementing Schubert's diet with Oxbow's Critical Care (great nutrition). All of our Scamps love the anise flavor!

3rd weigh-in: 7 days later ... Schubert gained another 1.5 oz! He is almost 2 lbs.!  

Lap time is bonding time! ❤

A very common Schubert pose ... He LOVES begging for veggies! 😀

4th weigh-in: 6 days later ... Schubert is over 2 lbs. now, thanks to great nutrition! Yay! 🙂

Schubert's 1st Easter portrait!

More Photos Coming Soon! 

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