Meet Herbie the Lovebug!

We Adopted Herbie During March's "Adopt a Homeless Cavy/GP Month" (2021)

Herbie the Lovebug's poor mother was the victim of over-breeding and lack of proper medical care. 😥 Herbie's age is unknown but he was living in an unsafe, inhumane, disgusting, heartless, over-crowded, cold, made-for-profit pet breeding mill (for pet stores) before we adopted him. 😥 Thankfully, NOW, Herbie is living in a loving, wonderful, fun, nutricious, safe home with us. 🙂  (The only reminder of his horrible previous life are his poor chewed-up ears.) 

🙂 Herbie is so lively, so much fun, absolutely precious, Heaven-sent and a wonderful addition to our family! ❤ 


Herbie was "Pet of the Day" on August 9, 2021 at🙂 

Herbie LOVES eating veggies out of his Daddy's hand many times every day ... 

Plus, Herbie LOVES a face rub while eating from his Daddy's hand! 😀

Herbie's coloring is very unique ... It looks like he is wearing a jacket! 🙂

OOPS, the camera flash interrupted Herbie snacking out of Daddy's hand while sitting on the roof of his house! 😎

Herbie loves crawling all over Daddy, who is his personal playground! 😉

Herbie enjoys a chin rub from his Daddy! 

Herbie uses his front hands more than any of our other beloved Scamps ever! 

Herbie's 1st Easter with us! 🙂

Darling Herbie doesn't rest for long ... He spends more time having fun, playing, running, eating and jumping (and chewing) on his house! He keeps his eyes on us constantly ~ he is very interested in everything that is going on, especially when we're feeding/holding his next door neighbor, Our Sweet Buddy! ❤

More Photos of Adorable Herbie the Lovebug Coming Soon! Stay tuned!

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Fun Fact:

The legendary, lovable, hilarious, comic actor Lou Costello played "Herbie" in 2 classic (Bud) Abbott & Costello 1940s films ... And Lou's endearing movie character inspired naming our darling Herbie! 🤩 


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