Meet Our Little Buddy!

We Adopted Adorable Buddy in April 2021!

We adopted handsome, lovable Buddy from the APA (Animal Protective Agency) in April 2021! (We saw his photo on He is a mature adult (age unknown) and is a very sweet and laid-back boy! 


Buddy LOVES veggies! 😋

Buddy has beautiful, very unique coloring, very different on both sides! 

Buddy will relax on our laps for hours (he is very laid back and trusted us immediately); however, the poor boy gets very scared when he is by himself on the sofa - so no human bathroom breaks during lap time.  

Although Buddy is posing like "Nessie" (the famous cute "Loch Ness Monster"), he is actually smelling apple (his fave treat!) 

After a large nutricious snack, Buddy relaxes like a puppy during lap time! 😀 

Big, cozy, comfy, happy yawn! 

Healthy eating has helped Buddy gain 11 ounces in less than 4 months! 🙂 

More Photos of our Darling Buddy Coming Soon! Stay Tuned! 

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Fun Facts:

Our Buddy was named in honor of ...

Legendary actor/famous "straight man" Bud Abbott (with the great Lou Costello) ...

... Legendary Musical Icon Buddy Holly ...

...And TV's favorite lovable "Little Buddy" (Gilligan)! 😀

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