Funny Cavy Photos

Our Fab Four ~ The Scamps!

The truth about the moon landing revealed!

Peppy (Buddy Holly Fan)

Teddy in a T-shirt!

Holy Cavy Caped Crusader!

The day our Lil Peeps met John Lennon! So exciting! Lil Peeps must have been the inspiration behind the The Beatles famous song, "And Your Bird Can Sing"! 🙂

Our sweet Ralphie was lovingly named after Jackie "The Great One" Gleason's most famous character, Ralph Kramden of "The Honeymooners"! (Alice Kramden was played by awesome Audrey Meadows!)

Our sweet Norton was lovingly named after hilarious "Ed Norton" (played brilliantly by Art Carney) of "The Honeymooners"! (Trixie Norton was played by glamorous Joyce Randolph!)

Brothers Alvin & Simon

(named after the adorable, famous singing chipmunks, of course!)

Huge yawn from Stewie!

Dolly (cutest secretary ever!)

Young Peppy (trying to get rid of every bit of paper label on this cardboard oatmeal container/tunnel!)

Big, full-tummy yawn from Jeepers after receiving his daily supplement (Oxbow's Critical Care). 

Sunbathing Cavy ~ enjoying iced tea!

Mount Cavymore (L to R):

Belvedere, Norton, Freemont, Rupert!

Jeepers wrapped himself up like a mummy again!

Alvin yawning - while sitting on roof of his house!

Photo #1: Young Peppy liked to construct elaborate houses out of newspaper daily!

Photo #2: On lazy days, Peppy constructed an awning.

Ralphie shaking his bell-in-ball toy to get sunflower seeds (his fave treat)!

Barney chewed frequently on the roof of his cardboard house until it wasn't safe to jump on anymore. Here, we called his name and he poked his head out of the "sun roof" he created!

Alvin whistling!

Peppy loved to play with a pen like an orchestra conductor's baton!

Another self-mummified Jeepers!

Stewie Cam!

Norton patiently posed for several portraits wearing his cool "Ed Norton" hat . . . Then decided he was done! 

How did Norton and Lil Peeps react when they found out that Norton was awarded "Pet of the Day" on Nov. 27, 2015? (A little fun photoshopping ~ Lil Peeps would be too scared to be close to our Scamps!)

"Oh, fudge!"

Mr. Belvedere's "roar" inspired the MGM mascot lion!

People often ask us, "Who takes all your Scamps' photos?"  Our favorite photographers are Howard, Fine & Howard (a.k.a. The Three Stooges)!

Why, soitenly! 😉



More Funny Fotos To Come!

Stay Tuned!


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