Backyard Critters & Beautiful Nature

"Caught in the act" on the windowsill: This adorable little chipmunk has his cheeks stuffed with bird seed! 🙂

 Three young raccoon siblings!

Precious baby deer (unfortunately, not scared of humans yet)

Unexpected candid at a nearby cemetery: Clever squirrel with a french fry in his mouth!

Angry bird?

Nope, a sleepy male sparrow! (yawn)

Sweet, nuzzling deer ~ mama and "baby" ❤

Regal robin on an icy day.

Relaxing squirrel, enjoying bird seed, on a hot summer day.

Proud mama duck and 10 babies took up residence at a friend's pool!

 Close-up of sleeping (and yawning) fuzzy baby ducks, enjoying the warmth of the summer sun.

Cute young sparrows first experience with snow? (Their beaks are still yellow so they are "teenagers"!)

Ice-encrusted leaf, trying to thaw in the cold winter sun.

Precious sparrow enjoys the warm springtime sun!

Beautiful, eye-catching cardinal!

Graceful turtledove enjoying a few leisurely moments of peaceful solitude on a hot summer day.

Question: "Darn! Is this another squirrel-proof bird feeder?"

Answer: "Nope! Wow, it's squirrel-friendly!"

A possum - out in the daytime!

Cleverly-camouflaged turtledove!

An adorable, teeny visitor at the front door!

Smiling seal at the zoo!



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