Meet "Rupert the Great"!

Adopted from the Humane Society in 2015!

Rupert (a "senior") was adopted on Dec. 28, 2015 from the Humane Society! Rupert the Great was lovingly named after the famous British children's book character, Rupert the Bear! FUN FACT: In 1986, Paul McCartney provided the voice for Rupert in the fabulous TV special, "Rupert and The Frog Song"!

Dec. 28, 2015!

After a safe ride home (in a Pet Taxi) from the Humane Society, sweet 3-year-old Rupert inspects his new environment!

Rupert's first weigh-in!  

Although a bit timid, Rupert immediately fell in love with his new cage, abundance of fresh veggies, and new toys!

HUGE yawn from fuzzy Rupert!

Being adorable 24/7 can be very exhausting! 

Precious Rupert looks like an Angel when he is sleeping! 

❤ Rupert was honored as "Pet of the Day" on October 2, 2017! 🙂 

Dec. 28, 2016:

Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Rupert the Great - and Us! 🙂

Rupert's utterly precious holiday portrait! (2015)

Rupert's 1st Valentine Portrait! (2016)

Rupert's 1st Easter with us! (2016)

Stay Tuned for MORE Photos of our Rupert the Great! 🙂



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