Meet The Scampettes!

On Dec. 9, 2016, we adopted 3 precious little mice (sisters) from the Humane Society and we named them Pixi, Trixi and Dixi!  They are adorable! 🙂

Pixi ❤

Dixi ❤

Trixi ❤

Teeny, precious mice sisters (Pixi, Trixi, Dixi) shared "Pet of the Day" honors on Feb. 14, 2018! 🙂 Enjoy their story and photos HERE

Precious Trixi and Pixi! (They truly love each other!)

Dixi loves exploring in their play area while their cage is being cleaned!

Trixi is telling Dixi, "This is TOO MUCH togetherness!" 😀

These little girls LOVE to "redecorate"! Here is Pixi moving one of their wooden blocks ... Where will she put it? ...    

😀 Clever girl! Too funny!

BFFs Pixi and Trixi! 

All 3 little ladies prefer drinking from a water bottle instead of a bowl of water. They are very active and stay well hydrated! 

Trixi really loves running on the wheel and doesn't like to share it very often! (So, we bought 3 wheels!) 

Dixi and Pixi exploring!

Pixi loves grooming!

Funny Trixi biting her igloo! 😀

For the first couple days, Dixi was quiet but not any more! She loves spinning and chasing her sisters!

Precious tired Trixi ... wants to sleep in today!

Oops! The flash woke up sweet Trixi! (However, she never wakes up in a bad mood!)

A clean cage doesn't look tidy for long ...

This trio loves to make elaborate nests every week!

3 sleepy, precious, angelic Scampettes snuggling! ❤

Adoption Day!


All pets are our little babies forever, no matter how old they are!

More fun fotos and adventures with Pixi, Trixi & Dixi coming soon! 



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