Sherman the Champ! (a.k.a Shermy)

On Nov. 25, 2018, we adopted adult male Shermy (Sherman) from the Humane Society! He is BEYOND PRECIOUS!  

(Poor Shermy had been dumped at the H.S. TWICE

before we adopted him!)

P.S. Shermy's favorite treats are Oxbow's Vit. C tablets and apple! 🙂 


Poor Shermy lived at the Humane Society for weeks while all the younger GPs were adopted. Shermy was just waiting for us ... He was surprisingly relaxed in the pet carrier on the way home with us! 

Adult Shermy's 1st weigh-in at his new home. He is receiving the best food and veggies now so, hopefully, he will gain a little weight!

Shermy LOVES hay! 🙂

Thankfully, Shermy LOVES Oxbow's high-quality adult GP food! (As you can see, he needed to gain weight when we adopted him!) 

Sadly, Shermy never had veggies before we adopted him. 😥 He didn't know what they were when they were first introduced. A couple days later, he loved green leaf lettuce, baby carrots, spinach, kale and Oxbow's Vit. C supplement tablets! We're hoping he will learn to love green pepper and broccoli, too! 🙂

What a handsome, adorable boy! ❤

Our Sleeping Angel, Heaven-sent.... Relaxed, happy, content, cozy, secure and LOVED on his first night in his new forever home! ❤

Shermy's weigh in on Feb. 11, 2019 ... He has gained 7 oz. since we adopted him on Nov. 25, 2018(!) which goes to prove what good nutrition (Oxbow food/hay), healthy veggies, and Oxbow's Vit. C tablets (broken into small pieces) can do! 🙂

Our precious Sherman the Champ was "Pet of the Day" on ❤ Valentine's Day 2019! YAY, Shermy! Click HERE to read his Tribute/Honor! 🙂 




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